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Global Injunctions Available Against Search Engines, Rules Supreme Court of Canada (Updated August 2, 2017)

By: Sangeetha Punniyamoorthy and Thomas Kurys  (Toronto) The Supreme Court of Canada recently released a landmark decision in which a broad worldwide injunction was upheld restraining Google from including certain websites in its search results anywhere in the world. Intellectual property rights-holders seeking to enforce intellectual property rights in an online world where infringers are … Continue Reading


By Giulio Coraggio and Kate Lucente In its February 2015 Report on the Internet of Things (IoT), the FTC estimated that there are now 25 billion connected devices worldwide. Another more conservative report by Gartner estimates there will be 2.9 billion connected devices in the consumer sector this year and 5 billion total, and that … Continue Reading

From Logging on to Logistics: Online Retailing and the Asian Real Estate Market

Republished from Law A La Mode  By: Janice Yau Garton and Carly Roberts  There is little doubt that the continuing shift towards online retailing will have tremendous implications for the Asian real estate market. Over the coming years, physical retailers will have to change the way they use their space, shopping centers will undergo a transformation, … Continue Reading

Japan – Amendments to the METI Guidelines on Electronic Commerce and Information Property Trading

Reposted from Sports, Media and Entertainment Online By Keitaro Uzawa and Ann Cheung The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (“METI“) recently revised the Interpretative Guidelines on Electronic Commerce and Information Property Trading (“Guidelines“), which apply to all online business operations in Japan and clarify how the Civil Code, which governs Japanese commercial contracts, and other … Continue Reading

Here Comes the Sun: Many gTLD Sunrise Periods Now Open

By: Ryan Compton & James Stewart The modern era of general Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) is here.  The last several years of discussion, negotiation, public comment, lobbying, applications, and objections have finally led to delegation of the first new gTLDs in several years—the first handful in a sea of hundreds to thousands of new gTLDs—which will … Continue Reading

Google shall NOT monitor Adwords keywords

Reposted from July 2013 issue of DLA Piper’s Sports, Media and Entertainment Intelligence By Giulio Coraggio The Court of Palermo (Italy) held that Google as an hosting provider is not obliged to monitor the AdWords keywords selected by its users. The court did find liability for a local rental company, Sicily by Car, for the … Continue Reading

New gTLDs & The Trademark Clearinghouse: Four Tips for Brand Owners

By Ryan Compton & James Stewart The imminent launch of more than 1,400 new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) poses a major challenge to brand owners seeking to enforce and maintain control over the way their key trademarks appear in domain names. The domain ender “.com” is the most widely used of the current gTLDs, but … Continue Reading

Broadcasters Request En Banc Rehearing After Court of Appeals Rejects Shutdown of Retransmission Service Aereo

UPDATE:  Earlier this month, the Second Circuit in a 2-1 decision affirmed a lower court ruling rejecting an injunction against broadcast television retransmitting service Aereo, based on the Copyright Act’s public/private performance provisions. Yesterday, in response to this decision, broadcasters filed a petition with the Second Circuit for an en banc review arguing that the … Continue Reading


Repost from the Sports, Media and Entertainment Intelligence bulletin from the Media & Sports Group at DLA Piper INTERNET AND DIGITAL MEDIA UK: Proprietary rights from copyright infringement – Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation v David Harris A copyright owner does not have a proprietary claim to the profits from an infringement of its copyright, … Continue Reading

FTC issues new guidance for advertising and marketing in the online and mobile world

Repost from E-Commerce and Privacy Alert By Scott W. Pink On March 12, 2013, the Federal Trade Commission issued its long-awaited update to its 2000 guidance on disclosures in online marketing and advertising. The guidance, entitled .com Disclosures: How to Make Effective Disclosures in Digital Advertising, not only reaffirms many of the FTC’s longstanding principles … Continue Reading


By John Wilks and Catherine Beloff The CJEU has handed down its decision on the copyright questions referred by the UK High Court in the long-running battle between ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 and TV Catchup (“TVC”). Copyright owners will be relieved that the CJEU has confirmed that streaming content via the internet constitutes … Continue Reading


By Scott W. Pink and Carissa Bouwer California Attorney General Kamala Harris launched yet another shot across the bow of advertisers when she filed a complaint last week against Delta Airlines in San Francisco Superior Court alleging that Delta had distributed a mobile app without providing notice of its privacy policy in violation of the … Continue Reading

The “Copy” Right in Australia

By Kathryn Purcell-Hennessy (Brisbane, Australia) Introduction Internet use in Australia is widespread, with the Australian Bureau of Statistics reporting that in 2010-11 (the latest figures available), more than 50% of Australians aged between 15 and 34 created online content and downloaded videos, movies or music. More than 68% of Australians in those age brackets listened … Continue Reading

Nominet Proposes New “.uk” Domains

By Damian Herrington Nominet, the internet registry responsible for “.uk” domain names, has announced a three month consultation on proposals for new, shorter domain names, backed by enhanced security features. The plan is for shorter “.uk” domains to be offered alongside the existing “.co.uk” suffix used by many UK businesses. Nominet claims the new service … Continue Reading

MEDIA INTELLIGENCE, October 2012 (Part II)

A bulletin from the Media & Sport Group at DLA Piper INTERNET & DIGITAL MEDIA Business leaders urged to step up response to cyber threats The Government has published advice to businesses on how to tackle the growing number of cyber threats to their companies. The Government, in association with intelligence agencies, is targeting senior … Continue Reading

Choosing the right battles: DLA Piper’s Radiance A. Walters on how to avoid the “trademark bully” label

Reposted from Intellectual Property Magazine, July 12, 2012 This article discusses the increasingly important role of social media in trademark enforcement efforts, and provides effective tips and strategies for corporate counsel to create a solid, value-driven enforcement strategy and avoid the “trademark bully” label.  Read here: Social Media and Trademark Bullying  … Continue Reading

Not SO(PA) Fast: Backing Away From PIPA and SOPA?

Lawmakers appear to be backing away from the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) and Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the wake of this week’s widespread Internet protest. As previously reported, a number of the Web’s highest profile sites were blacked out or otherwise unavailable on Wednesday in opposition to the legislation. The bills, which were … Continue Reading

The OPEN Act: Another Legislative Option to SOPA and PIPA

Undoubtedly today’s widespread Internet protest, which has darkened web sites ranging from Wikipedia to reddit to Flickr, has raised public awareness of the looming legislative and public relations battles associated with the Stop Internet Piracy Act (“SOPA”) and the Protect IP Act (“PIPA”), which are currently under consideration in the House and Senate, respectively. While … Continue Reading

Sites on Their SOPA-Boxes: Major Sites Close For Business In Protest Against Pending Legislation

As you may have noticed, today some of the most-visited websites on the Internet are blacked out, unavailable, or otherwise focusing on protesting currently-pending legislation in the United States that may impact many businesses and how they operate on the Internet. Specifically, popular sites such as Wikipedia, Craigslist, and BoingBoing are wholly unavailable, and others, … Continue Reading


by Patrick Van Eecke, Cameron Craig and Jim Halpert Viviane Reding, European Commission Vice-President and Commissioner responsible for justice, fundamental rights and citizenship, has announced the long-awaited Proposal for a new Data Protection Regulation.  The Proposal, announced December 6, has now entered into inter-service consultation with other Commission Directorates-General, after which the text will be … Continue Reading

Culture Minister calls for balance between advertising innovation and privacy

Reposted from DLA Piper’s Media & Sport Group Bulletin Editorial Team: Nick Fitzpatrick, Duncan Calow and Patrick Mitchell Ofcom has cleared Al Jazeera English channel (“Al Jazeera”) for its broadcast of “The Palestine Papers” after a complaint of unfair treatment by the Chief Negotiator of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (“PLO”). “The Palestine Papers”, a four-part documentary series broadcast on … Continue Reading