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By: Carol Umhoefer, Kate Lucente, and Belinda Tang

Online retail presents unparalleled opportunities for reaching new consumer markets and collecting consumer data. With such opportunities, however, come heightened regulatory scrutiny, compounded by high-profile consumer data security breaches in the US, Germany and elsewhere. Not surprisingly, there have long existed specific requirements for the collection and use of consumer data in the context of online retailing, for example in the US. Other countries, notably China, are now also regulating consumer privacy, and there are more changes to come, particularly in the EU.

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By Giulio Coraggio

Internet of Things technologies are already all around us and with a market that is expected to reach a value of more than $ 14.4 trillion over the next decade with 50 billion connected devices by 2020, the question is whether ad hoc regulations are necessary to govern the Internet of Things sector. 

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By Michael Malloy and Pavel Arievich

There has been an important development in Russian Data Protection Law. On July 22, 2014 a new law amending the law on data protection and law on information was signed off by the Russian President and thus was officially adopted. The law, will come into force on September 1. 2016.


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By Giulio Coraggio

Living in one of the world fashion capitals and with the upcoming Milan fashion week, we thought it might be of interest covering some of the top current legal issues impacting the fashion sector. This is the first post of a series of posts of fashion-related legal topics that we will publish to celebrate the Milan fashion week.

And in order to start on a very discussed topic, we will cover herein the topic wearable technologies that will have a considerable potential impact on our approach to technologies in the next years. With the huge amount of personal data relating to users as well as images/sounds on the people/events around him collected by means of such devices and the possibility to very easily share them on the Internet, the impact on privacy rights of these technologies will require a careful review.

This post is not meant to cover all the privacy-related legal issues relevant for wearable technologies but to shortly outline some of the most relevant.

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