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By: Tara Swaminatha and Aravind Swaminathan

If your company has a Point of Sale (POS) terminal anywhere in its infrastructure, you are no doubt aware from the active media coverage that malware attacks have been plaguing POS systems across the country.

Just within the past week, the New York Times has reported that:

Companies are often slow to disclose breaches, often because of the time involved in immediately-required investigations;

Congress is beginning to make inquiries of data breach victim companies; and

Even those companies who have conducted cybersecurity risk assessments still get attacked, often during the course of implementing new solutions to mitigate potential problems and protect their customers’ payment cards or other personal information.

Former employees can be a source of information to the media about your efforts to investigate and secure your POS systems.

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By Michael Malloy and Pavel Arievich

There has been an important development in Russian Data Protection Law. On July 22, 2014 a new law amending the law on data protection and law on information was signed off by the Russian President and thus was officially adopted. The law, will come into force on September 1. 2016.