Authored by: Satnam Sahota and Jim McDonnell

The former members of defunct UK reggae/pop band UB40 are currently in dispute over the goodwill of the group, and in particular use of the band’s name. A preliminary issue in this matter was recently settled by the High Court, which decided that a purported assignment of goodwill (after a company ceases to carry on its business and abandons its goodwill) is ineffective.
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Authored by James Clark

Earlier this month, the UK data protection authority, the Information Commissioner’s Officer (“ICO”), published guidance on safely processing personal data derived from Wi-Fi location analytics. This guidance is important not only to retail businesses who provide Wi-Fi networks to their customers, but also to companies who just provide Wi-Fi access solely to their employees. With most large organisations and businesses now providing Wi-Fi access it is certainly a fitting time to consider this issue.
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By Ruth Hoy and Emily Leach (London)

Social responsibility in the fashion industry is a hot topic.  Fashion brands need to be wary of scrutiny for creating aspirational advertising that can be perceived as socially irresponsible. 

The use of size zero models, both on the catwalk and in advertising, is a trend that has been on-going for many years since the rise of Twiggy in the sixties (so-called for her slim frame).  However, with worrying statistics regarding eating disorders and a growing social backlash to this perceived ‘iconic’ body shape, we are seeing growing legislative intervention in this area. 
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