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By Farid Bouguettaya and Karine Disdier-Mikus (Paris) Have you ever compared products or services when contemplating a purchase? Companies, whenever they can, also strive to mark themselves out from their competitors to gain a competitive advantage and new clients.  In an internal market where competition is highly encouraged by the European Union, comparative advertising has … Continue Reading


By Ulrike Gruebler (Hamburg) and Gaspard Debiesse (Paris) To stay ahead of the competition, players of the fashion industry have a permanent need to renew their communication strategies, including the use of new technologies and media.  “Sensory marketing”, the art of playing on the various senses of the customers (sound, smell, taste, touch, in addition, … Continue Reading


By Ruth Hoy and Emily Leach (London) Designing under your own name is a natural, even intuitive choice for many designers and is an established practice in the fashion industry.  To protect their brand, designers often register their own name as a trade mark.  Associating your own name with your designs has many advantages, but … Continue Reading

Pre-order your copy of the inaugural edition of DLA Piper’s Asia-Pacific Trademark Guide

We will soon be releasing the DLA Piper Asia Pacific Trademark Guide, a comprehensive review of trademark laws and key tips covering these 18 countries: Australia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Covering the complete brand life cycle, this user-friendly guide … Continue Reading


By Patrick Van Eecke and Julie De Bruyn (Brussels) The concept of 3D printing no longer needs an introduction. The sky is the limit when it comes to the possibilities 3D printing (often referred to as additive manufacturing) has to offer, both to consumers and businesses. The added value for and influence in the fashion … Continue Reading

Mark Feldman of DLA Piper LLP Wins Trademark Industry Award

November 13, 2014 – DLA Piper LLP is proud to announce that the International Trademark Association (INTA) honored Mark Feldman with the Volunteer Service Award (VSA) in the Advancement of Committee Objectives category. INTA is a global member-based organization dedicated to supporting trademarks and related intellectual property in order to protect consumers and to promote … Continue Reading

Special Edition – Law à la Mode – INTA 2013

The DLA Piper Fashion, Retail and Design Group distributed a special edition of its e-magazine, Law à la Mode. The edition coincides with the 135th INTA (International Trademark Association) Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas. Given the nature of the conference, the special edition focuses exclusively on branding issues such as securitizing trademarks, IP rights in … Continue Reading

DLA Piper Partner Presents on Social Media at INTA Annual Meeting 2013

On May 7, 2013, Gina Durham presented at one of the 2013 INTA Annual Meeting’s main educational sessions entitled: “ReTweet, Repost, Repin: How Brands Get Their Message Out and Whose Content is it Anyway?” She spoke on a panel with representatives from Chevron and Goodwill, which addressed the practical aspects of propelling a famous brand … Continue Reading

DLA Piper’s Fashion Law Breakfast at the 2013 INTA Annual Meeting in Dallas

By Ann K. Ford This morning, DLA Piper’s Fashion, Retail and Design Group brought out a commanding group of DLA Piper colleagues from around the world to discuss recent developments in their jurisdictions that affect brand owners of fashion and retail brands. The audience comprised of representatives of luxury and leading retail apparel brands, whom … Continue Reading

Madrid Protocol Membership Grows Among Latin American Nations

By Alberto Zacapa The Madrid Protocol (“Protocol”) is one of two international treaties of the Madrid System or International Trademark System (“System”). The Protocol provides a cost-effective and efficient way of acquiring trademark protection in multiple countries. The Protocol allows an applicant to file one international application through a single office, in one language, with … Continue Reading


By Rebecca Kay This Tuesday, members of DLA Piper’s Fashion, Retail and Design Group assembled in Washington with retail clients from around the globe, for a working lunch entitled “Around the retail world in sixty minutes: Reflecting the top branding issues for retailers in 2012”. As well as being a fantastic opportunity to catch up … Continue Reading


World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Director General Francis Gurry said the day “is an opportunity to celebrate the contribution that intellectual property makes to innovation and cultural creation – and the immense good that these two social phenomena bring to the world.” WIPO posted a number of suggestions for celebrating World IP Day. This year’s … Continue Reading

Volunteer Spotlight: Mark Feldman

A well-deserved recognition for our colleague! Reposted from INTA Bulletin: August 1, 2011  Vol. 66  No. 14  How many IP attorneys do you know who own a personal registered trademark? Mark Feldman is one. Remaining true to his name and his profession, he owns MARK IS MY NAME AND MARKS ARE MY GAME. Also hitting the mark is the personalized license … Continue Reading

DLA @ INTA — Even More photos

We just wanted to say thanks for spending such a wonderful week with us at INTA 2011.  We DLA Piper attorneys had wonderful time connecting with our foreign counsels and clients from around the world.  After a good weekend of sleep, we’ll begin gearing up for next year in Washington, DC!… Continue Reading

Ann’s INTA Photo Blog

When I travel, I often send pictures to my team to keep them updated on what I’m up to.  I thought it would be fun to share my time here at INTA with Re:Marks Blog too.       INTA-attendees: be forewarned! Registration can be dangerous.  Tom cuts finger trying to jam name tag into … Continue Reading

Trademark Co-existence Between National Brands and Private Brands

  Posted by Scott Buchanan, Partner DLA Piper Australia     In the battle for co-existence between national brands and private brands (in Australia, known as home or house brands), several truths emerge: National brand owners have to accept competition represented by emergence of home brands and furthermore, that home brands can often quite lawfully … Continue Reading


Last night, a group of nearly 50 DLA Piper Intellectual Property attorneys from around the world got together.  As a global firm, we never feel far apart, but there is something special about the opportunity we get once a year to meet face-to-face.              … Continue Reading

Comparative Advertising Issues in Asia

Posted by Scott Buchanan, Partner DLA Piper Australia This morning, I participated in a round table discussion on comparative advertising issues in Asia. I was the only representative from Australia and had a good audience of representatives from India, HK, Japan and also from the US.  I wanted to share some of the most interesting points from the … Continue Reading