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DLA Piper names Thomas Zutic chair of Trademark, Copyright & Media practice in Washington, DC

We are pleased to announce that Thomas Zutic has been named chair of our Trademark, Copyright & Media practice in Washington, DC.  Congratulations, Tom! Please see DLA Piper’s press release below: Zutic’s intellectual property practice encompasses trademark counseling, with an emphasis on the selection, adoption and use of trademarks, domestic and international trademark prosecution, and … Continue Reading

The Role of Evidence in Inter Partes Review

By Michael L. Burns IV and Erica J. Pascal (Reposted from IPT News Q1 2016) From denying a famous hedge fund manager’s IPR petitions to upholding all claims at final written decision, evidentiary issues alone have decided some PTAB trial proceedings. Even with such impressive results, evidentiary issues have not garnered much air time. In fact, the Patent Trial … Continue Reading


By: Barry M. Heller, John F. Verhey, John A. Hughes (Reposted from IPT News Q1 2016) Perhaps the most significant decision last year affecting franchising was not issued by a court and did not involve a franchise system. In an August 27, 2015 decision, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in Browning-Ferris Industries of California, Inc. decided, in a … Continue Reading


By: Stan Panikowski, Brian Biggs, Andrew N. Stein (Reposted from IPT News Q1 2016) Cases to watch in 2016 Life Technologies Corp. v. Promega Corp PATENT – Cert. PENDING Issue: Whether the Federal Circuit erred in holding that a single entity can “actively induce” itself to infringe a patent under 35 U.S.C. § 271(f)(1) and whether it erred in … Continue Reading


By:Tara Swaminatha (Reposted from IPT News Q1 2016)   Cyberattacks on businesses and developments in cybersecurity law took prominent places on the world’s front pages in 2015. As 2016 unfolds, we are not seeing an abatement in this growing trend. Cyberattacks will only continue to grow in scale and severity. Cybercriminals successfully stole staggering amounts of … Continue Reading

UK: “No rights, no cry!” – Court of Appeal rules on copyright in certain Bob Marley songs

Reposted from Media, Sports, and Entertainment Blog By Holly Pearlman, Sam Churney, Katherine Mullally The Court of Appeal recently ruled on the ownership of the copyright in the music and lyrics (the “Copyright“) of thirteen Bob Marley songs, including one of Marley’s most famous songs “No Woman, No Cry” (the “Songs”). Marley had deliberately misattributed … Continue Reading

The IoT will have a European plan

Reposted from Media, Sport and Entertainment Online Blog By Giulio Coraggio An Internet of Things plan will be issued by the European Commission by mid-2016, but also single countries like Italy are bringing forward IoT initiatives. The European Commission IoT plan Thibaut Kleiner, the head of unit for network technologies at European Commission Directorate General … Continue Reading

Implementing Directive 2011/83/ EU Into Italian Law

Reposted from Law A La Mode  By: Sara Balice  Italy implemented the Consumer Rights Directive by adopting the Legislative Decree no. 21 of February 21, 2014 effective from June 13, 2014 which amended the Italian Consumer Code. The new rules apply to any contract concluded between a trader and a consumer, with the exceptions indicated in the Consumer Rights … Continue Reading

Implementing EU Directive 2011/83 Into Belgian Law

Reposted from Law A La Mode  By: Julie De Bruyn  Belgium has implemented the Consumer Rights Directive by means of the Act of December 21, 2013 introducing Book VI of the Economic Law Code on Marked Practices and Consumer Protection, as published on December 30, 2013. The previous Act of April 6, 2010 on Market Practices and Consumer Protection … Continue Reading

Implementing EU Directive 2011/83 Into French Law

Reposted from Law A La Mode  By: Gregory Tulquois and Farid Bouguettaya The Consumer Rights Directive was implemented in France by the so called Loi Hamon of March 17, 2014.   The Loi Hamon strengthens the information obligations on traders which cover in particular the main characteristics of the goods/services, identification of the trader, accepted … Continue Reading

Understanding the EU Consumers Rights Directive

Reposted from Law A La Mode  By: Max Wenger  Reports in 2013 about online business transactions across EU national borders revealed some disturbing facts. According to the 2013 Flash Eurobarometer reports (nos. 358 and 359, 2013), retailer and consumer attitudes regarding cross-border transactions were similar: only 36 percent of European consumers felt confident enough to make cross-border online … Continue Reading

Seeing Beyond the Doggie Wear: What MCR Innovations Teaches about the Obviousness of Design Patents in the Garment Industry

Reposted from Law A La Mode  By: Tamar Duvdevani, Matt Ganas, and Amanda Liverzani   In the United States, patent protection can be afforded to aesthetic innovation (design patents), and functional innovation (utility patents). Because binding precedent relating to design patents is relatively sparse, practitioners take note any time the Federal Circuit addresses thorny issues of … Continue Reading

From Logging on to Logistics: Online Retailing and the Asian Real Estate Market

Republished from Law A La Mode  By: Janice Yau Garton and Carly Roberts  There is little doubt that the continuing shift towards online retailing will have tremendous implications for the Asian real estate market. Over the coming years, physical retailers will have to change the way they use their space, shopping centers will undergo a transformation, … Continue Reading

Insolvency in the Fashion Retail Sector: Understanding and managing the risks of an insolvent acquisition

Reposted from Law A La Mode  By: Robert Russell and Kerry Barnard  Opportunity Arises Out of Adversity The recent global financial crisis has seen consumers tighten their belts and the retail industry as a whole has faced increasing pressure. Profits warnings have peppered the financial pages and fashion retailers, in both the budget and luxury sectors, … Continue Reading

Consumer Data Protection In Online Retail: On Protecting Privacy in the EU, US and China

Republished from Law A La Mode  By: Carol Umhoefer, Kate Lucente, and Belinda Tang Online retail presents unparalleled opportunities for reaching new consumer markets and collecting consumer data. With such opportunities, however, come heightened regulatory scrutiny, compounded by high-profile consumer data security breaches in the US, Germany and elsewhere. Not surprisingly, there have long existed … Continue Reading

Online Retail Business Struggling Its Way Through German Employment Law

Reposted from Law A La Mode  By: Kai Bodenstedt and Astrid Schnabel Labor Unions and Collective Bargaining Agreements As the profits of German online retailers increase, so too do the HR pressures that such businesses face. As electronic retail businesses hire more and more workers, they are increasingly faced with labor law issues. For example, … Continue Reading

Free Zones in the UAE

Republished from Law A La Mode  By: Katie Montazeri The UAE is comprised of seven emirates, and its laws are promulgated at both the federal and emirate level. Federal laws override the laws passed by the individual emirates. There are also various free zones within the UAE with laws which are passed by the relevant … Continue Reading

Japan – Amendments to the METI Guidelines on Electronic Commerce and Information Property Trading

Reposted from Sports, Media and Entertainment Online By Keitaro Uzawa and Ann Cheung The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (“METI“) recently revised the Interpretative Guidelines on Electronic Commerce and Information Property Trading (“Guidelines“), which apply to all online business operations in Japan and clarify how the Civil Code, which governs Japanese commercial contracts, and other … Continue Reading

So You Think You Have a Point of Sale Terminal Problem?

Reposted from Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Security, Security Breaches, Technology and Commercial By: Tara Swaminatha and Aravind Swaminathan If your company has a Point of Sale (POS) terminal anywhere in its infrastructure, you are no doubt aware from the active media coverage that malware attacks have been plaguing POS systems across the country. Just within … Continue Reading

Patent Wars: Can the Energy Industry Avoid Them?

Reposted from Intellectual Property and Technology News By Claudia Wilson Frost, Jeffrey Johnson, Penny L. Prater With the technological advances and resultant surge in oil and gas production in the last few years, it is not surprising that the number of patents issued to energy companies has increased substantially. In 2012 alone, the world’s three … Continue Reading

Supreme Court Corner – Q3 2014

Reposted from Intellectual Property and Technology News By Brian Biggs, Stan Panikowski, and Andrew N. Stein RECENT DECISIONS NAUTILUS, INC. V. BIOSIG INSTRUMENTS, INC. Patent: Decided: June 3, 2014 Holding: In a unanimous (9-0) opinion authored by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Court held that the Federal Circuit’s indefiniteness standard bred “lower court confusion” because … Continue Reading