The American Bar Association has published The Intellectual Property Handbook: A Practical Guide for Franchise, Business, and IP Counsel (Second Edition) which provides an overview of intellectual property (IP) law and practices around the world.  Ann Ford, a partner in the Washington, D.C. office of DLA Piper and chair of DLA Piper LLP (US)’s U.S. Trademark, Copyright, and Media Group (as well as its global co-chair of Trademarks and Copyrights), authored the chapter on International Trademarks.

In the International Trademark chapter, Ann Ford guides the reader through the complexities of trademark registration and protection issues throughout the world. The Handbook covers common questions and answers from brand owners on topics such as trademark selection and clearance, developing an international filing strategy, international treaties and regulations, trademark enforcement, and the assignment and licensing of trademarks.

The international trademark registration process can be complicated with many moving parts. The key to a successful international rollout of a brand is to understand the various elements involved in the trademark process with nuanced business strategies in mind. Successful new international brands are built on their inherent desirability, but also the likelihood of success in a variety of local settings. The Handbook provides an outline of the initial process for launching an international brand.

Overall, the Handbook provides an overview of domestic and international trademark laws, domain name, cyber law and social media issues, and copyright, patent, and trade secret laws, in addition to an important overview of the intersection of IP issues and cutting-edge technology. The Handbook provides both substantive and practical guidance to a wide audience of non-IP specialists, including franchise practitioners and general practitioners, in-house counsel, and IP specialists in one area who need a refresher in another area. The authors wrote the Handbook with the mindset that it would prove to be a valuable and frequently used stand-alone resource for any reader.

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