By Ann Ford, Gina Durham and Ryan Compton

• Brand owners should prepare for the impending release of numerous new gTLDs – the first few of which will be open for registration soon, and even sooner during the sunrise periods for brand-owners who have registered their trademarks in the Trademark Clearinghouse.

• The first four new gTLDs are especially novel as they are composed of non-Latin strings – gLTDs in Arabic, Cyrillic and Chinese characters. This is a first for gTLDs.

• A product to block registered trademarks from being registered as domain names in 200+ new gTLDs has been unveiled. Brand owners must consider whether this new product should be part of their overall domain name enforcement strategy.

• Brand owners that are negotiating gTLD Registry Agreements with ICANN should be aware that recent changes (as of October 23rd) have been made to the draft form agreement.

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