By Kate HodgkissAdam Hartley and Vinita Arora

The use of social media is now common place the corporate world, but are organisations protecting themselves by ensuring the relevant policies and procedures are in place? 

Social media connects millions of people across the world every day and has become an important way for people to communicate. It is now an integral part of the way we live and increasingly affects the way we work and do business. 

Businesses have recognised that positive use of social media can be an effective tool for marketing and brand awareness and other uses within the workplace are ever-expanding. However, whilst its many benefits are undeniable, social media also presents employers with some new problems, a new platform for existing problems and the potential to magnify common business risks. Employee use of social media, inside and outside the workplace, can expose employers to serious legal liabilities. 

Reflecting our position as a leader in employment law, we have commissioned an in-depth study into how social media is used in the workplace. In particular, the report focuses on the opportunities and challenges social media presents to employers. The responses, which include views from both employees and senior decision makers in large business enterprises, have been analysed with detailed commentary to provide a comprehensive report. 

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