When I travel, I often send pictures to my team to keep them updated on what I’m up to.  I thought it would be fun to share my time here at INTA with Re:Marks Blog too.


tom with sports injury.jpg



INTA-attendees: be forewarned! Registration can be dangerous.  Tom cuts finger trying to jam name tag into badge holder – then nearly gets strangled by lanyard.








Another successful event here at INTA. Last year the Gowlings reception was at the Massachusetts Statehouse in Boston. How does this distinctive Canadian firm get such legendary and distinctly American spots for their INTA Sunday brunches? Ideas anyone? 

Gorgeous event here at INTA: Gowlings brunch at another legendary American spot.





trademark in chinatown.jpg


The clouds have parted here in San Francisco where we’re meeting for the International Trademark Association — and the sun has come out after several days of rain and cold. Curiously at the top of the hill in Chinatown, there is a building that has the word “Trade Mark” prominently affixed to it. Does anyone know why this is?







Larry Flynt, one of the standard bearers of the First Amendment showed up at a photo shoot at the Four Seasons San Francisco when we were there meeting folks at INTA. 







One of the best annual dinners at INTA is the Indian fete put on by the Indian IP firm of K&S Partners. Here is the formidable Jyoti Sagar. I sat at his table and trademark lawyers from around the world, such as Germany and UK were discussing geographic indications and Darjeeling tea — which K&S gave out to their guests as parting gifts in fancy gift bags. 




IP bill.jpg


Our legislative subcommittee had an interesting meeting at INTA earlier this week. The group engaged in a lively discussion on the Protect IP Bill that was introduced into the Senate last week. More on this bill later… Here’s a picture of key members of our subcommittee.